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MAXIM 1 Day Color  

MAXIM 1 Day Color

USD 58.90 / Box (30 pieces in a box)
Daily Disposable
Manufactured by Maxim, Vision Science

Normal Retail Price USD 65.00
Our Discounted Price USD 58.90 only
INSTANT SAVING of up to USD 6.10

For both(left & right) eye with the same power, kindly select contact lens prescription and quantity below.
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For left & right eye with the different power, kindly select contact lens prescription and quantity below.
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MAXIM 1 Day Color Information:-

Material: Polymacon 
Water Content: 42% 
Availaibility: In Stock Usually ships within 2 business days 

With Maxim Colors Lens, you can achieve a glamorous look throughout the day without eye fatigue.

Maxim Colors Lens is a perfect blend of price, style, and durability.  Featured the color-lock technology which layers each color and design on top of a base layer to protect your eyes. With their Advanced 3 curve optics, it produces thinner and more comfortable lenses to wear.  Besides that,  Maxim colored contacts are engineered with a higher water content to help protect your eyes against Corneal Oxygen Deficiency.

1. Color-Lock System (CLSTMCLS, Sandwiches, three tones of colors between the layers of the Maxim Colors Lens and protects the colors.
2. Edge Polish: Maxim Contact Lens new edge is more than 20% thinner that the current edge and is more comfortable to wear.
3. Lathe Cut: Maxim Contact Lens are moulded and lathe cut on their surface for high quality and comfore.
4. UV Protection: Maxim Contact Lens comes with Ultraviolet (UV) protection and can prevent harmful UV rays from reaching you eyes.
5. NaHA: Sodium Hyaluronate (NaHA) is an ingredient of Maxim Contact Lens. NaHA keeps the lens moist and hydrated so it is smoother and more comfortable to wear.

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